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Why won't Spirit show themselves to me?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Question: Why won’t Spirit show themselves to me?

"This can be related to gifts that are purely not yet developed, meaning you may still have levels to reach in order to fully see a Spirit in human or spiritual full form. It can even be related to the fact that fear over what you may see or be presented with is hindering your ability to see. ( Some people truly are afraid of seeing something “dark” on the other side.) It can even be your own insecurities in your abilities and what you can do in connecting to the Spirit world that is keeping you from being able to make the actual connection in the first place. It’s important to know that it’s very hard for a Spirit or Guide to show themselves in a physical or human form as it requires so much energy on their end and an absolute alignment to you and your energy to communicate so clearly. For some, seeing a Guide or Spirit on such a clear level is not achieved and it’s not anyone’s fault but rather a matter of truly lining up."

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