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What is a past life connection?

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Question: What is a past life connection?

"A past life connection is a link that is shared between two energies in a previous life, be that a romantic connection, a friendship or even a parental dynamic, it's a relationship that is established and of importance. This relationship itself can be related to a previous friendship, a previous marriage or deep relationship, a business partnership or even a passing interaction you have held with someone in this previous life that last a powerful mark on the both of you. Sometimes we carry over previous life links into our new life ( be that both positive and negative connections ) and do tend to cross over with those from our past in real time, even on a limited basis. "

"This is why at times, when you first meet someone it may feel like you have known them all your life, as this sense of familiarity and peace is common among those interacting with someone who is from a past life. It's important to note that there is no limitation to how many previous life connections you may come across in this life time, and that those who come your direction are meant to in some shape or form. It's equally important to know that although you held a previous past life connection with someone, in this lifetime you may not be holding the same depth or type of connection with them." - Morgana Slade (Contributing Site Author)

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