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What are the spiritual or psychic benefits of meditation?

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Meditation is more than just sitting in silence and keeping still, it’s a chance to wipe off any excess energy and to quiet yourself so you can become a better receiver for messages and insight around you, and within you.

Meditation truly gives you the permission to really tune into your feelings, emotions and energy, and to trace back the sources of where so much of what you are feeling and thinking is coming from, as well as dropping anything that doesn’t serve you.

It also allows you to connect with your Highest self, but also to your own Guides and because you are entering into a state of balance, you can expect to better your own intuition and state of “knowing”. Over time, the act of meditation can become second nature and you can place yourself in such a state more effortlessly and easily when you need to connect with your Guides.

PsychicOubliette, Psychic Oubliette, Live Psychic Readings, Psychic Meditations
Meditation allows you to become more sensitive to the energy, messages and guides around you!

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