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What are signs of your Guardian Angel being near-by?

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It is widely believed that we each are assigned more than one Guardian Angel in this lifetime, and that they are there to not only protect and guide us, but to provide comfort and peace during times of challenge and difficulty. Common signs of a Guardian Angel being near-by include:

Soft and gentle whispers: Specifically a whisper of the phrases “peace”, “calm”, or even your own name or personal nickname that carries a deep meaning for you.

A warm feeling wrapping around you: This usually feels like someone has taken a warm blanket and has purposefully wrapped it around you, and with that the energy feeling very light and secure. Primarily it’s a feeling of protection, a sense of warmth, peace, and the overwhelming urge to simply slow down in that exact moment. Guardian Angels bring this feeling with them and when they are interacting with you, they can pass along that feeling of comfort like such right before they pass along information or messages to you.

Out of place personal items: Much like when you are interacting with a Spirit, trinkets or items that have personal significance to you can be used to communicate by Guardian Angels. This can be done to pass along a sense of peace to you, a sign of their presence, or even a sign of confirmation to something you earlier asked the Universe for or prayed over. Should you find your favorite childhood toy or a piece of cherished jewelry that has been passed down for generations out of place or moved, it is worth paying attention to and worth tapping into the energy of when you realize it has been moved.

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A Memory: Guardian Angels also have a tendency to communicate and connect through a specific memory that holds weight or personal meaning. For some, ladybugs, sunflowers, the smell of fresh baked cookies or the sighting of pale pink feathers have a relation to their passed over loved one or a moment of calm and Guardian Angels can use such things to get your attention, connect with you or pass along a message that is personal and dear to you.

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