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Angel Message: "A time to let go..."

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If you have been in a what feels like a constant state of conflict, misunderstanding or pure unhappiness, take this message to heart. Today’s Angel Message is about peace and balance and it’s urgent more than ever to put down the sword in which you have been wielding against those around you, and stop the fighting. It’s an equally important time in which you will need to take inventory of just what is important, what is worth the time and energy you have been investing, and why there is such conflict in your life to begin with. Remove the channels in which you are draining your focus, your positive state of being, and what causes such stress to be created in your life. Understand the difference between removing connections that serve to only bring you down, and fighting connections that only serve to bring you down over a course of time.

PsychicOubliette, Psychic Oubliette, Live Psychics, Angel Message
It's urged now to stop giving conflict a place in your life.

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