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Is 666 truly an unlucky number?

Question: Is 666 truly an unlucky number?

"666 at times receives a bad wrap for being associated with bad luck, however I have found that when you notice a lot of 666’s in your life, it is a sign that you’re entering a deeper state of balance and it’s a positive sign rather than a negative or demonic one. It's not something to fret over or even to feel uneasy about, but rather something that should get your attention in the moment as your Guides are trying to connect and you are in the process of change. This change is not limited to just one area, so it's even more common to see change in several areas at once when this number comes up frequently. This number has a long standing history with some of being just plain "unlucky", but I have found for many of my clients - this is one of the luckiest spiritual and tarot symbols of change, alignment, and strength." - Morgana Slade, Contributing Author

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