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How long can a Spiritual Awakening last?

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It’s important to know that everyone’s spiritual awakening is different, and because it’s such a delicate time that can include factors of change, deep healing or final acceptance of sometimes traumatic events, it can cause a spiritual awakening to last anywhere from several months to several years. For some, a spiritual awakening must begin with the removal of baggage and issues of the past or even connections of the present that serve no higher purpose (like a divorce or break-up) ; whereas the process of understanding Spirit and their inner intuition itself is a lifelong journey and one that is always taking place. It truly does vary and just as it’s important to know that everyone’s spiritual path and awakening state is different, it’s just as equally important to keep patience with yourself if you are in the midst of such a change. No two spiritual journeys or awakenings are the same and there is no need to compare yourself to others.

PsychicOubliette, Psychic Oubliette, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Reading, Live Psychics

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