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Does the Death Tarot Card actually mean a death is coming?

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Many who are curious or simply new to the tarot reading and psychic world often steer clear of cards or methods they believe bring about a negative message for fear of hearing something scary or life altering. It’s important to know that every single card, as well as other decks (such as Angel Cards or Oracle Cards) and various methods, come with their own interpretation and the items themselves are not bad and can not hurt you. The Death tarot card does not actually symbolize death or a death that is to come, but rather an ending of a cycle or phase of your life or the ending of a relationship, friendship or work partnership because something new that is better suited, better made, or better matched, comes your direction. It’s the ending of one thing, and the beginning of something so much better and usually it’s the ending of something that was mismatched or even toxic from the start. If you see the Death card in your reading, don’t panic, it purely means that a new phase is beginning for you and this is a new and exciting journey you are embarking on.

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