How to create a Spiritual Sanctuary (at home!) W/ Morgana Slade

Having a spiritual sanctuary allows you a sacred and designated space for recharging your personal energy, a clear space to connect with Spirit and your personal Guides, as well as deepen and develop your own intuition.

1. Ensure a space that allows silence, and is purely your own - even if it’s just for a set amount of time.

For those who are in the city or in a noisy space, I recommend having a space that you can safely tune out the world, whether it’s with ear plugs or music. The goal is to have a place to connect, as well as be present, and if for some instance you only have the space for a short or brief time - that is fine. You just need that space for yourself, to tune in and be of focus. This should be a space where you can be alone, whether for only a few hours, or as a permanent location. Kids, spouses, and friends coming and going in this space as you are trying to re-shift your own energy and use this space is guaranteed to cause frustration.

2. Keep the energy good.

I highly recommend that you only include trinkets, gifts, decor, bedding, pictures, or spiritual tools that inspire positive and loving energy and do not hold an attachment to someone or something negative. Think of this as a space as one where you come to release and drop negative energy and emotion, gain comfort and deeper peace, and to think things through - not to attract or pile such low vibrational energy. You should be able to enter this space and begin to find relief, as well as leave the space feeling clear. If you don’t, you may need to re-assess the space itself, whether it’s location or it’s decor - something might just be off.

3. Lighting should be balanced.

This should be a space where you can easily move between several methods of connecting with Spirit. For example, if you enjoy journaling and getting your thoughts on paper, you need this space to have adequate lighting, but not so much that it prevents you from entering a deep state of mediation. Much like on the flip-side, this should be a space where you can comfortably close your eyes and enter a visualizing state of mind, but not so dark in the lighting that it leads you to a 2 hour nap. Balance in the lighting can also re-adjust the mood, so be sure to look into what fits your methods, and creates a comfortable space for yourself.