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What are some common dream symbols of money?

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Dreams are an excellent way for Spirit and the Universe/Divine to connect with each and every one of us, as well as pass along messages of peace and comfort, and even vivid details and insight to what is to come - including money changes, both good and bad. Common symbols of money that is entering your life, as shown through dreams, are:

Holding a large and heavy purse or wallet that is full of money, be that coins or bills in your dream state: Any symbolization in your dream that shows you with an overflow of money is a sign of abundance in money that is to come, and a sign that soon you will be having more than enough to spend, save and use as you wish.

Finding money randomly in your dream state: Finding money in your dreams deeply symbolizes that money in your life will be better saved and better put to use. Commonly if money is found in your dreams, you can expect to find an area of savings in your life that does allow you to keep more of your own money. Be that if you are cutting off an unused service, gaining a refund or rebate or even obtaining money that is owed back to you from a friend, this symbolizes that it’s being saved and kept and is found through your own efforts to seek it out.

Being handed a check, a credit card, or even being showered with expensive gifts in your dream state: This commonly is a sign that money is coming your direction, but usually from sources that were not already allotted for or even sought after. This means that if you are dreaming and at any point you are handed money, a check, a credit card, an IOU paper, a stock bond, a bag of money, jewelry or trinkets, etc. you can expect that moving ahead you will be coming across money that is handed to you that was not expected or even asked for. This usually symbolizes that the money itself comes in the form of a gift, rather than something owed, or something that would be naturally expected.

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