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Common Spirit Guide Symbols

Spirit Guides can connect through several different methods, but the most common are listed here. These are everyday and sometimes often overlooked methods of communication from our Guides, but understanding their link to the Spirit World can help you to remain better connected to the energy around you. It also can, with practice, become an “on the spot” message from your Guides, whether they are passing along peace, signifying they are around, or protecting you from harm - some symbols can become very obvious in time.


They may come in different colors but the most common color of all is white and grey. They can be multiple and scattered right before you or a purely random one that is set before your feet. This is usually a symbol that peace is before you and that things truly are at peace.

Scents/Burning Candle Smell:

Sometimes you may smell a birthday candle that has just blown out, that heaviness in it’s odor can represent those who have passed. This can symbolize their presence but it’s also a common occurrence of passing along the sign that they are thinking of you and memories of the positive pass.

Humming/Low Music:

Your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel may be trying to get your attention with a song or tune that you personally know or purely gravitate towards. This usually happens when the energy is still and the space itself is very quiet, allowing you to become extremely present and aware. The music or humming itself is usually very quiet and soft, and this can actually lead into fully developed phrases, words or sentences, so it’s important to pay attention as this can lead to a deeper development of your own Psychic gifts and personal link to the Spirit World.

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