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Can a twin-flame be just a friendship?

Question: Can a twin-flame be just a friendship?

This is something that is widely debated within the psychic and spirit community, however it is a general understanding that a twin flame is a divine and deep connection that is romantic, and purely romantic. This is a connection that is immediately tied to romance and it’s exploration, and it’s immediately both individuals that are aligned to one another. This is a connection that is about love, passion, life, and in building a future within the connection. It’s a drive between two people who connect on every level, who truly wish to create a life together because they feel a sense to, deep motivation to explore one another and a pull to grow together. This type of connection is rare as many relationships are more soul-mate or past life based, and usually begin as a friendship prior to romance growing. Alongside that, many soul-mates are mismatched in the beginning where one party has to mature a bit more to reach the state of their soul-mate, whereas twin-flames are already aligned and serious in seeking a future.

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