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Angel Number of the Day: 8686

Angel Number 8686:

This Angel Number is a clear sign from your Guides to begin saying “no” to things that do not serve your highest good, your higher path, or even the future you are trying to create. This number is a sign to create more respect for yourself (as well as your time), and the life you are leading by no longer allowing yourself to be available in ways that leave you stuck personally, drained emotionally, or unfulfilled. It’s a sign from your Angels to frequently “check in” with yourself, be that emotionally, mentally or spiritually to see if you are reaching points of burn out and to rest and reset if and when it is needed. This Angel Number is a number of hope in terms of you finally being able to analyze fully the needs you have, and making the conscious effort to meet them on an ongoing basis, without guilt and remorse for taking such time out for yourself. This is a sign from your Angels and Guides that being of service does not mean being of absolute absence to yourself and your own needs, but rather finding and maintaining a balance. Be sure to ask your own Guides and Angels for support, energy and direction when you feel nervous or in need, as they are always there to support you.

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