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Angel Number of the Day: 55

If you are seeing Angel Number 55 on a repeat basis in your life, it is a sign from your Angels to pay close attention to areas that are currently in transition and growth. This means your finances, your career, your mental, spiritual and emotional state, as well as the course of direction and day to day choices you are making are all areas that could be in transition for the better as well as entering a state of alignment and balance. This is a sign and symbol from your Angels that although you are currently in a state of change and things are beginning to transform in your favor, you must still be present in the moment itself and ensure you are not getting ahead of yourself or making a rash choice in the process. Overall this number is a beautiful reminder that change is taking place and that your patience is required both towards yourself, and the pace of this change in general. It’s a welcoming symbol of you reaching a new state of alignment and balance, and this number should be seen as a positive symbol of your Angel’s support in you and the choices you are making.

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