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Angel Number of the Day: 146

Angel Number 146

Angel Number 146 is a plea from your Angels and Guides to allow them to help you in liberating yourself from the pain, disappointment and let downs of the past, and help you to finally stop carrying around the heaviness of the past as you journey ahead into your bright future. It’s a sign that you are at a point in your life where you must act, and with that purposefully let go of any fixed obsessions with issues of the past in order to best move forward. If you are seeing this number on a repeat basis, ( such as 146146 or 114466) consider it an urgent warning that the inability to drop what has happened in the past will only continue holding you back considerably from the reality and future you deserve and that without deliberate action from you, there is no change. Know that the Angels, Guides and Universe itself can aid you in accepting the past for what it is purely by you creating the genuine intention to do so, and to finally let go. This Angel Number represents balance, a removal of anger and bitterness, and above all else - a breaking free period.

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