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Angel Number of the Day: 12

This Angel Number is all about perception and comes with the message to stay detached from high stressed situations and to leave your ego and feelings of expectations at the door. It is also a sign from your Angels to do your best to keep your emotions in balance, as it will allow you to be able to clearly perceive the truth in situations - rather than allowing fears, insecurities or "what ifs" to take hold. Taking time to keep yourself in a balanced space and taking time to confirm your impressions or perceptions is best right now.

If you are seeing this Angel Number while wrestling with new ideas, new connections, new relationships or even choices that need to be made, it is best to still your unruly thoughts and don’t respond to a person, choice or situation in a preconditioned way - and do not be afraid to take time out to weigh your choices. Be impartial, unprejudiced, and non judgmental as this is where your intuition shines and you are able to better connect with your Guides and Angels.

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