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Angel Number of the Day: 10

Angel Number 10

This beautiful Angel Number is a reminder from your Angels and Guides to be much more assertive and direct in seeking out what you want, but also in asking for help and assistance from those around you. It’s a sign from your Angels and Guides that although you have a very strong voice, it’s not always being expressed and this number deeply represents communication, inner and outer strength, as well as paying close attention - that being to your own needs, but also in reference to the needs of others and as things unfold around you. Seeing 1010, 101010 or even 1010101010 is a more urgent sign from your Angels and Guides that the ability to be expressive, direct and clear is not being allowed and that it’s time to walk into your own and stand on your own - even if others may not fully agree. This is a number that is all about being expressive, so being honest in what you feel and think, as well as being honest in what you want and the faith you hold is crucial to walking ahead with your path. Know that this number represents being honest, communicative and expressive, but also being understanding and patient with others as much as yourself. This is a time to be bolder in what you are asking, seeking and moving ahead with, but that doesn’t mean kindness should be lost during this process.

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