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Angel Number of the Day: 3

Angel Number 3 signifies that your focus may be set more on the negatives, the past or the circumstances that feed the “no” and the “I can’t” in your life rather than the direction you are going and the hopes that fill your spirit.

The Angel Number 3 rarely indicates that there is solely one issue, or one root problem that is being managed, and it can signify that an ongoing situation with multiple people, multiple layers and multiple paths to success or fruition that is present or developing right in front of you.

Seeing this Angel Number on a consistent basis is a sign from your Angels that their presence is with you in that exact moment of, as well as the times in which you are tackling problems head on and it's a sign to continue moving ahead on the path you are on, no matter how challenging the circumstance may look in the “now”.

Noticing this Angel Number during moments of challenge is a harmonious, loving, positive and uplifting sign that your efforts in facing such difficulties, obstacles and disappointments with unwavering faith and bravery does allow you to transform, to break free and to be as liberated as you already see in your mind’s eye and that the guidance from your Angels that you are receiving is in lock-step with you, and the choices you are making.

It’s a sign from your Angels to remain confident in the future you see for yourself (and those who you are fighting for) as you forge ahead, with the Angel’s support along the way, as these current conditions you are facing are not long lasting and do not stand a chance against you, or the support you have along the way.

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