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Angel Number of the Day: 222

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If you are seeing several 222’s in your life, it is a sign from your Guardian Angels not to faint under the conditions you are in now. It’s a sign that although things around you are not exactly as you envision, or an area of your life is not going exactly as planned, your patience and persistence to remain positive and to look forward will pay off. When seeing this Angel Number, it is encouraged to take notice of the good around you, no matter how small it may seem. This will allow an attitude of genuine gratitude to build up, and make the transition of where you are now and where you envision yourself being a lot easier. Be advised that many times you may see the Angel Number 222 as you are actively trying to re-establish yourself, or an area of your life (be that romance, career, or even your finances) and as you do so you may feel as if you are just “waiting” for things to turn around. That is exactly what this number signifies, a waiting period before prosperity. Know that your own Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides, are with you during this “waiting” period, and that your efforts at the end of it all will pay off!

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