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Angel Number of the Day: 5

This Angel Number comes with a message that if the fruit of the tree is gone, it’s time to move on and your action, decision, or opinion will be the deciding factor for which path you take on. Be confident, self reliant, and continue to direct your energy toward your work, research or ideas, and to any area where leadership qualities are required because that is where your strength lies right now rather than areas that are not producing any results, any happiness, or any fruit.

This Angel Number is shown on a repeat basis to those who are struggling to make a move for the better - be that with a new partnership, a new move, or even a new job. If you see this Angel Number on a repeat basis, take heart that it’s a time to honestly search within and around you on what areas of your life are stalled or are not bringing results and to make a change for yourself and your future.

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