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Angel Number of the Day: 202

Angel Number 202

Angel Number 202 is a beautiful reminder from your Angels and Guides to not lose hope, faith or heart when things on the surface look different than what you expected. It’s a reminder that your efforts, the energy and the time you place to move ahead is in fact working - even when it doesn’t seem like it is. This Angel Number is a personal and heartfelt reminder from your Angels to not believe the negativity or chatter that takes place around you, or even to accept defeat at first blush just because of what it “looks” like. It’s a sign from your Angels and Guides that although the situation may look difficult or dark, that you are on the right track, travelling along exactly where you should be and your persistence and positive attitude play a critical role in how you move forward. If you are seeing this Angel Number more frequently than usual, make a stronger effort to keep yourself in alignment and to give thanks as things unfold - even if they are of slow progression, or not exactly what you desired. The Universe tends to unwrap gifts in stages, and this Angel Number is a reminder to keep your positive attitude as you await the final outcome. Don’t allow your negative perception, thoughts, belief or outside chatter keep you from seeing the bigger picture.

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