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Mr. Marvel
Intuitive Psychic Reader, Life & Relationship Coach, Energy Reader

Crystal Ball

A direct and upfront reader that has been unraveling complicated situations for his clients worldwide with live chat sessions


My Mission...

"I Help my clients to see the different paths before them that sometimes is clouded by fear or confusion, and I help them to come back to a state of re-alignment, confidence and full focus on what they want and the best possible outcomes ahead they can look forward to. 

I help my clients to unravel so many of the complicated parts of a relationship, a job, or even a choice that hinders them from being able to make an empowering choice and from there I help them to get back on track - and stay on track. 

My reading style is very upfront but only because I am here to help break down what may be stumping my clients and leaving them stuck, in the dark, or simply confused. Honesty is my approach but I do so kindly." - Mr. Marvel

Mr. Marvel
Psychic Reader, Relationship Coach, Energy Advisor


- Intuitive Psychic Reader 

- Relationship (Romance, Professional and Platonic) Expert 

- Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empath 

- Destiny, Life Path and Spirit Guide Reader 

- Energy Reader 

What is the best part of being a psychic advisor?: 

It truly allows me a chance to be of service to my clients, and to really clear a pathway forward for them that they may not have even known was available to them. My hope every time I connect with a client is that they leave the session knowing of all their paths, knowing how much power they truly have, and to leave without the feeling of heaviness that sometimes weighs them down for days, months or even years!

What is your reading style like?:

I am extremely straight-forward in my answers, and sometimes it's hard to hear "no" or "not right now" but should you remain connected with me you will also be able to hear about what stands out beyond that "no". Whether it be a new chance with someone else, a new opportunity that stands out to be a better fit, or even a path to personal fulfillment that you didn't know existed. My reading style is direct because it helps cut through the confusion so many of my clients carry, and I just believe my clients deserve clarity in whatever situation they are faced with.

Areas of Expertise 


Spirit Guides and Spiritual Messages, Affirmations, Energy and Focus Re-Alignment and Work.

Relationships, Dating, Divorce, Marriage, Break-ups, Soul-Mates, and Twin Flames


Life Path, Soul-Purpose, Spirit Guide Messages, Financial Outlook and more!

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