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Miss SpellDragon
Psychic Reader, Life & Relationship Coach, Paranormal Expert

A compassionate, caring and intuitive relationship and paranormal reader serving her clients worldwide with live phone sessions


My Mission...

"I take the time to hear what my client's individual concerns and questions are, and to read for them on the situation that they are faced with and to give them insight on all their choices that they may not have even known were available to them.


I want my clients to leave feeling empowered and prepared! Together we can tame whatever "dragon" they may be facing. My reading style is direct and compassionate but my delivery is easy, I want my clients to feel as if we are connecting over a cup of tea or coffee. A reading shouldn't feel pressured or  uncomfortable and I strive to make every session peaceful, no matter the information that comes through." - Miss Spelldragon

Miss SpellDragon
Psychic Reader, Coach and Paranormal Expert


- Certified Psychic Reader and Psychic Medium 

- Paranormal Expert and Investigator  

- Criminal Psychic Profiler

- Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empath 

- Destiny, Life Path and Soul Calling Reader

- Angel and Spirit Guide Reader 

What is the best part of being a psychic advisor?: 

Being a spiritual and psychic advisor allows me to be of service to my clients and provide information that they otherwise would not have. Knowing that because of my unique gift, I was able to provide clarity and true guidance, just makes my day. I strive to give my clients as much information as possible, and to let all aspects of the reading be known.

What is your reading style like?:

I choose honesty above all else, but I am completely empathic and sensitive to the situations my clients are facing as well as the emotional state of my clients. I give the upfront truth, and although sometimes the truth can be hard to take or understand, I pride myself in it. I try to be as fast as possible in passing along the information but always ensure that accuracy is not compromised.

Areas of Expertise 


Spirit Guides, Medium Work, Paranormal Investigating, Connecting with a passed over loved one and Energy Work.

Relationships, Dating, Divorce, Marriage, Break-ups, Soul-Mates, and Twin Flames

Couple Staying Home
Woodland Path

Life Path, Soul-Purpose, Spirit Guide Messages, Financial Outlook and more!

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