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Unsure how getting a reading at PsychicOubliette works? We got you covered. We make getting quality and insightful reading easy and affordable with 3 simple steps:


1. Choose who you would like to connect with.

Ariana Slade (extension 10) and Morgana Slade (extension 11)  both have personal pages that can be reviewed prior to setting your call.  On these pages you can find out the areas they both excel in and topics they can explore with you in your own personal session. 

2. Pick the length of time you’d like to connect with your Psychic for.

You can add anywhere from 2 minutes up to 10 minutes at a time, and the rate remains only 0.99 a minute. Want to speak longer than 10 minutes? Don’t worry, we make it easy to continue your session. You will be prompted before your session ends to either add more funds or simply end the session when your time is up. There are no additional rates, or hidden prices should you wish to go beyond 10 minutes - the rate remains the same. 


3. Connect with your Psychic and begin your session.


When you are ready, you can use the call buttons on the website to connect with your Advisor, or simply call directly at 1-888-565-8684 and follow the prompts to begin your session. 

It’s really that easy to connect with our trusted advisors!


-No membership fees

-No mid-conversation price changes


-No additional packages or services required


-No registration required

-No fancy equipment needed to connect to our psychics

We keep it simple and easy.


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