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Contact Customer Support 

Please fill out this form if you are looking to contact Customer Support. 

Technical, Billing or Site issues: Please include a description of the problem so we may troubleshoot it for you. We will also need to know when the issue took place so please include the date and time. 

Advisor Application Request: If you are a talented member of the spiritual community and are interested in providing live readings on this platform, please reach out with your name, reading style and information of your history in helping clients. We are simply interested in knowing more about you at this stage and a more formal conversation and application comes at a later point. Please include accurate contact information (including phone number) so we may reach out if we feel a partnership can be reached. 

Advertising and Partnership Requests: (This includes the Media) If you are interested in advertising on our platform, connecting your services or site to our platform, interested in a partnership please include your accurate contact information so we may reach out. 

Thanks for submitting! Your message will be routed to the correct team. Expected response is within 72 hours.
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