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Ariana Slade
Psychic Empath, Angel & Relationship Reader, and Psychic Development Coach

15 years as a professional Psychic Empath and Angel Reader serving her clients in person, online, over the phone and overseas


My Mission...

"I strive for every client that I work with to leave a session with me feeling empowered, confident and energetically balanced. I love knowing my clients leave a session with weight off of their shoulders and a clear outlook on what's next.

I try my absolute hardest to ensure that every session with me is comfortable and that whatever sensitive or important subject is touched upon, is done so with gentle care and sincere focus on the answers or information they need to know. Showing my clients all the choices they have is always a joy! " - Ariana Slade

Ariana Slade
Psychic Love Empath & Angel Reader


-Dream Interpreter

-Twin Flame and Soul Mate Reader

-Empath and Clairsentient

-Clairaudient and Clairvoyant

-Certified Angel Reader

-Psychic Gift and Development Coach 

What is the best part of being a psychic advisor?

It is always a sincere and absolute pleasure to read for my clients and decode the very fears, concerns, or issues that are holding them back; or even adding to their situation. I enjoy being able to read on upcoming changes that my clients can expect, and then help to create a way they can navigate and conquer it. I also enjoy being able to pass along the life messages that my client's Guardian Angels have for them - there is always one. 

What is your reading style?

I perform my best readings with a direct question, and this is why I kindly request that you ask a direct question. This allows me to hear the messages from Spirit as well as what areas of concern tied to it that are standing out and it allows me to tap right into the situation. I work quickly and pride myself on passing along the information that stands out without wasting any time. My overall style is direct but compassionate and I deliver the truth with kindness.

Areas of Expertise

Guardian Angels, Angel Readings,

Dream De-coding and Angelic Answers

Couple Staying Home

Relationships, Dating, Divorce, Marriage, Break-ups, Soul-Mates, and Twin Flames

Self-Growth, Psychic Gift Development, Energy Reading and Manifesting

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