About Us

We are a family of gifted psychics that have a combined 50 years of experience in providing professional psychic readings, and we have created a space to use our gifts to better serve the Psychic Community. Our reading styles, talents and skills are unique and vary between us, but our commitment to ensuring our readings are honest, comfortable and clear remains the same. We are professional in our delivery, honest in our reading information, and compassionate in how we connect to our clients. 


We have partnered with numerous sites and platforms over the years and found the most common issue for poor psychic readings, was the cost. We understand that when a client trusts us with a session, they are trusting us with their energy space, their most vulnerable emotions, their raw thoughts, as well as their hard earned money. We believe that our clients deserve quality filled, comfortably paced sessions that don’t break the bank. We keep our costs fair and comfortable. 


We also know that our clients enjoy up to date information, which is why we strive to keep our community full of information that is relevant to the psychic world. 


This is what sets us apart from other Psychic Communities and we will always stay true to our values and the promise of quality readings. We look forward to connecting, and being of service. 


Morgana & Ariana Slade

The Psychic Oubliette Community